1. We have no tolerance for illegal drugs in the B & B. Indonesian government severely punishes anyone who is caught possessing, distributing, or being under the influence. For your own sake, it’s probably better to stay away from them.

2. Violence is not welcome at the B & B. Please respect the family who lives here. Any fights or disputes among guests should be resolved outside the B & B.

3. No vulgarity (language, dress code, etc). Like many Asians, some Indonesians are quite traditional. We hope that you can respect the host family by dressing & talking appropriately around them.

4. We have no tolerance for theft of any kind. The owner of our B&B has good relations with local police & authorities; anyone caught stealing will be brought to justice.


6. No food & sleeping bags in the rooms (we do not want to invite bed bugs & other bugs into our bedrooms).

7. No outside guests in your rooms.

8. We have no curfew, but as mentioned above, the host family is quite traditional.  If you want to go out and explore the city, please make an effort to come back around 1 AM at the latest, or stay out as late as possible and come back in the morning around 6 AM when the family gets up. If you really have to go out very late and come back early in the morning, you can notify them, so they can arrange their workers to open the gate for you.

9. Alcohol consumption is allowed, but please drink responsibly.  Majority of Indonesians are Muslims so you have to respect their religion & culture.

10. This is a family oriented B & B. If you are in Jakarta to explore the night life, this place probably is not suitable for you. However, if you’re looking for a real Indonesian family experience, warm & genuine hosts, delicious food, and a home far away from home, than you won’t regret staying here.

Thank you again for choosing Jakarta B & B.